Neville Burns Blue Mountains Snakes DVD
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Blue Mountains Snakes DVD


Neville Burns has spent most of his life entertaining audiences around the world with his knowledge and stories. Join Neville and discover the snakes of the Blue Mountains.

This DVD is ideal for tourists who visit the Blue Mountains region and those fortunate enough to live there.

Neville Burns is a resident of this wonderful environment and one of Australia’s most respected herpetologists.

Neville is a keen conservationist and spends many hours outdoors in the greater Blue Mountains region.

PRICE includes standard delivery within Australia.

Running time 40 minutes

NB: Neville Burns accepts full and sole responsibility for the delivery of the DVD and all matters associated with it.


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Product Description

It’s time to CUT the CRAP  Neville cuts through the myths and answers some life saving questions about snake behaviour.  Learn the latest first-aid techniques and see wild snakes in full defensive mode. What makes a man that has died from snakebite 3 times, is allergic to antivenom, and was left paralysed for 10 weeks from 2 seperate bites, decide on a career in snakes?

The Blue Mountains Gazette said of Neville:- He is one of the nation’s most respected herpetologists, Mr Burns lost a finger to a red bellied black snake “from the venom of a bite a number of years ago”. He also nearly lost his life at 19 after being bitten by an eastern brown. ‘Neville states that the bites were his own fault and that snakes are defensive, not aggressive. Despite incidents like this Neville’s enthusiasm is as strong as ever and his main passion is public awareness.’


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