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eMag Pro is ideal for any TOURISM business who wishes to create and share exclusive branded information with guests, clients, and any interested persons. It’s an amazing marketing tool.

eMag Pro is a great resource for accommodation houses who what to share local attractions and events with their guests. Now they can do that without exposing them to competitors adverts as you would traditionally get if you shared a normal tourism magazine.

  • Name your own eMags.
  • No Ask Roz branding.
  • No competitor advertising.
  • Support businesses who support you.
  • Upload your own covers to your “Cover Library”.
  • Create your own exclusive content.
  • Create active weblinks to external websites including maps.
  • Full access to Ask Roz database listings.
  • Unlimited page layout options.
  • Develop your exclusive library of articles and Ask Roz Listings.
  • Select which articles you want to publish from your library.
  • Choose the order your articles and listings will be published in.
  • Choose what appears first, your exclusive articles or Ask Roz listings
  • Publish just your exclusive articles.
  • International Visibility – option.
  • No desktop publishing or designer skills are necessary.
  • Create unlimited eMags, ALL with unique web identities.
  • Create unlimited eMags that can be accessed using QR Code
  • Download & share

OPTION: You can select a monthly payment option for just $40 per month plus GST on a 12-month contract.

NOTE TERMS: The contract period is for a minimum of 12 months, with full training and support provided. 

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